Who is Zaku Cebu?

We are Gunpla Enthusiasts based in Cebu that are focused more on the Sieg Zeon culture. We will dabble on the Gundam protagonist kits from time to time, but the Zaku – Mono Eye appreciation runs high here!

We will be sharing availability of kits may they be from Bandai, Premium Bandai, Gundam Base Limited, Kotobukiya, Megahouse, Banpresto, Dragon Momoko, Daban Model, Model Comprehend, TTHongli, Yolly, Bao Feng, BSC, Gogo, G System Best, Modeling Holic, Silver Castle, CJ Hobby, Crazy Toys, Aoshima, Godhand, GSI Creos, Nanye, CNAT, S Type, and more through our YouTube videos for international reach and a Facebook Online Shop for Cebu availability!

We are authorized retailers for Zurc Scale Model Paints and Armored Komodo Heavy Industries. Despite being an online shop with no physical storefront, we have scheduled meet ups, set up pop up stores at local events, deliver via Angkas Padala all throughout Metro Cebu, ship nationwide via JRS Express or AP Cargo, and ship internationally via Fedex and UPS! Sieg Zeon!

#ZakuCebu #SiegZeon

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