BT 1/72 Zoids - Great Saber


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The upgrade version of Sabre Tiger, Great Sabre has been added to the line-up of HMM series! From the Sabre Tiger’s red, the coloring of the machine has been changed to an overwhelming black as base, and the kit body uses multi-color parts combined with Tetron sticker, allowing the kit to appear similar to the image from the animation without painting.
– As new parts, the back equipment (High Maneuverability Wing) and (8-round Missile pod) are included. The High maneuverability wing uses Multi-axial joint, allowing flexible posing. Plus, the 8-round missile pod has rotating axis, allowing you to turn it inside out.
– Also, other equipments such as the Beam Gun, Liner Laser Gun, High-pressure Condensed Acid Cannon, Ground Missile Pod, Automatic Gun etc., the great attraction of Great Sabre being the range of weaponry has been fully reproduced. Please enjoy the Great Saber produced in the HMM series.

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Dimensions40 × 33 × 10 cm


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