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“Success in business is like getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. They congratulate you countlessly without knowing the countless times you got f*cked first to make things work.”It’s been 5 years in this business. It’s been 5 years from the time I had our first cabinet with barely any inventory to offer for online sales to being the #1 Plamo Hobby Shop with 60 square meter bodega in Cebu and to actually getting a store front in a prestigious mall. It’s been 5 years while on one helluva roller coaster ride. It’s been 5 years of getting trampled over, getting submarined, getting bullied by suppliers and clients alike, and figuring out where to generate cashflow to make payroll, refund adjustments, and juggling opex even during lockdowns caused by a global pandemic. It’s also been 5 years of a consistent track record of client/customer satisfaction where we still have a 5 star rating average seen at our Preferred Seller Shopee Account. It has been 5 years of customers’ smiles making it all worthwhile. It’s been 5 years of support from a great team, family and friends who have helped every now and then. I’m not saying this business is perfect, and ZC is still going through its fair share of growing pains. Thank you for your patience and understanding my dear customers and vendors!

But one thing is for sure, we are battle tested. We have endured. We are here to stay. And hopefully, maybe in a few years, we can open up a full blown shop with our very own cafe, workshop, and expand our business to more lines of hobbies. Be a benchmark not only for Cebuano entrepreneurship, but also have our colleagues from the other regions of the country take cues from us here. Nevertheless, welcome to the world Zaku Cebu X Unbox Cebu as our very first physical storefront! SIEG ZEON!

Zaku Cebu X Unbox Cebu Location & Business Hours

Unbox Cebu, 3rd Flr., Ayala Malls Central Bloc
I. Villa St., Apas
Cebu City, Cebu 6000
Contact Numbers:
+63 971 512 8000 (Unbox Cebu Front Desk)
+63 929 844 9222 (Zaku Cebu SMS Only)
Business Hours:
Sunday to Monday 10:00AM – 9:30PM

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