3M Softback Sanding Sponge (Superfine - 600 Grit, Ultrafine - 1000 Grit, Microfine - 1500 Grit)


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3M Softback Sanding Sponge sands hard-to-reach areas on cars, trucks and vans such as around headlight openings, door handles, door jambs and other locations. The soft, flexible foam backing conforms to virtually any profile or shape on a vehicle. These sponges are coated with long-lasting aluminum oxide abrasive.
Makes Difficult Sanding Easy
When you need to sand a location that is challenging to reach, or need to uniformly sand a unique profile, choose a 3M Softback Sanding Sponge for its ability to conform to most any shape or reach difficult spots. The soft foam backing is more flexible than conventional paper backed sandpaper. To access tight locations, the foam backing has been made relatively thin as compared to many other sanding sponges. Use these sponges for hand-sanding applications where you need more precision and detail than could be achieved with machine-sanding methods.
Sanding Sponges for Many Applications
3M Softback Sanding Sponges are highly versatile abrasive products. The sponges have an aluminum oxide mineral coating on a foam pad with a waterproof bonding system, which allows you to use these sponges for both wet and dry sanding, Use these sponges for sanding wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic, gel coats and marine paints. These sponges are especially useful to help eliminate finger marks.
A Variety of Abrasive Grades
These sponges are available in a range of grades, including microfine (grade 1200 to 1500), ultrafine (grade 800 to 1000), superfine (grade 500 to 600), fine (320 to 400) and medium (grade 120 to 180). Each grade uses a range of mineral sizes.
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Grit Options

Superfine – 600 Grit, Ultrafine – 1000 Grit, Microfine – 1500 Grit


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